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TwistedLeatherBags.com is pleased to announce its corporate name change to JasonGerald.com. Owner, Jason, explained that the new name would reflect the evolving focus and standards, adding “The new name Jason Gerald gives the company a brand name of elegance and sophistication that represents quality in our leather products. All of their leather products sold on Amazon will have the company logo stamped on leather representing quality, sophistication and elegance of their leather bags sold on Amazon. They will still offer affordable leather products on their website “JasonGerald.com” that will not be stamped with their logo for customers who want a wider selection of products”. Jason Gerald stands for high-quality, genuine leather products at affordable pricing. Not only is Jason Gerald dedicated to offering customers superior leather goods, at Jason Gerald we’re passionate about providing customers with a high-quality online shopping experience. JasonGerald.com enthusiastically invites shoppers to visit the online store to find the latest styles and trends in high quality leather bags, leather backpacks, leather wallets, leather travel bags, leather briefcases, leather handbags and more. At Jason Gerald we don’t just offer superior quality leather goods, we offer a positive online shopping experience. Where the superior quality is in the bag. A fine leather bag can often distinguish you from your peers or people who you are competing for the same job. Purchasing a quality leather bag will allow you to stand out from your competition that tells your new employer that you are serious about the job. By carrying a quality leather bag could make you stand out enough between you and your competition to land that new job. Or maybe you are looking for that new position and all you need is a little boost and a new leather briefcase could make the difference. If you are in the market for a new leather money clip, you should consider shopping at Jason Gerald online store. There are many reasons for choosing a 100% genuine leather money clip from our store, mainly because it is durable, made with full grain Leather and it is made in USA. Each wallet is meticulously crafted to ensure your satisfaction. The leather money clip is slim and complete built for Minimalist in mind. The Jason Gerald Cool Money Clip is ultra-thin and will fit in your front or rear pockets without any uncomfortable bulging. This new money clip is perfect for a man’s birthday gift or an anniversary present. It is hard to find a quality leather store like JasonGerald.com that has a large selection of products that are not priced in the thousands of dollars like some companies in the USA. They offer a very wide selection all 100% genuine full grain leather products for everyones needs. The online shop is committed to providing the very best in quality and customer service to make sure their customers are happy. They stand behind their products with a 100% satisfaction and returns policy. Not only is quality important but, we’re committed to offering customers a variety of the most up-to-date fashions and styles in leather products. Finding the perfect leather bag may be harder than you think. But, with the wide select that JasonGerald.com has make the task a lot easier to do with the easy mobile friendly website that all of their product are just a fingertip away. Let us know if you have a question about our leather product and we hope to see you soon at JasonGerald.com. Happy Shopping!

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